Announcement 21/06/2022

Hello everyone

It's been six months since the committee last intervened, and we're coming up to the end of June, the date at which we traditionally take the floor to take stock of the format and possibly take the necessary decisions, in order to give the players enough time to react before the big event that is the "Coupe de France".

On this subject, we have good news since our friends of Clermont-Ferrand have just confirmed that the hiring of the room is taken into account for the weekend of November 5/6, 2022, at Lempdes (beside Clermont). More informations will be given by the organisers in the next few weeks.

In the last two interventions, we had to make decisions to fight against the dominance of artifact-based decks by banning cards like Atog or Sojourner's Companion.

Since then, the pack has evolved by introducing the the Oni-Cult Anvil. Combined with cards like Disciple of the Vault and Krark-Clan Shaman, this gives us a very (way too) strong deck that polarizes the meta, killing very consistently and smothering (once again) aggro packs mainstays of the format: we can mention for example Elves and MGA, which certainly have the habit to face wrath-like like Fiery Cannonade, but which have almost no chance against the shaman that we see main-deck not only in Oni-Cult Affy for its synergy with the Disciple, but also in Boros Synthe.

The past few months have given us some unequivocal statistics, as WOTC has provided us with many low mana cost cards, either artefact or artefact laying, or even both, it would have been stupid not to abuse them in the right packs!

As a result, the Committee decided to make the following decisions :

Disciple of the Vault is banned from the format

Shamane of Clan Krark is banned from the format

Furthermore, the Committee continues to keep a close eye on the evolution of artifact-based decks, as the arrival of indestructible artifact lands has revolutionized our format, as well as the various versions of Faerie.

These decisions are effective from Thursday 23 June.

Thank you and enjoy the game !

The Peasant Committee