Pauper & Peasant


Pauper and Peasant formats are two formats often confused by players because they are two budget and competitive formats whose rules involve the rarity of Magic cards, however they differ on several important points :

Cross-History of the two formats :


The purpose of including uncos in the format was to bring more complexities into the metagame, in particular by allowing the creation of decks whose functioning is centered around a card which for reasons of power is often unco. The number of 5 meanwhile was chosen to force players to play at least two different uncos per deck and force a reflection on their number. This peculiarity of the peasant format also offers players a completely new deckbuilding constraint compared to the official formats.

The Peasant format was established in France from 2005 long before the pauper became official or gained popularity around the world. Le peasant has had the support since 2006 of Magicville, a very popular French website with the creation of a forum entirely dedicated to the peasant format, which has allowed the format to prosper. Even today the peasant format brings together more players in France than the pauper does, in particular through its main event: The French Cup.

This option considered in the past has been the subject of much debate and some announcements by the committee. It was finally discarded in 2018 both so that the Peasant format would not have a Ban List dependent on another format, but also to allow the Peasant format to evolve in a different direction. Indeed even if the construction rules of the Pauper and the Peasant are similar, the metagames of these two formats can be quite different depending on the period and certain bans necessary in one of the two formats will not necessarily be necessary in the other.

In pauper as in peasant, cloudpost and glimmerpost cannot be authorized simultaneously. It was chosen to keep Cloudpost as a peasant so as not to close the door to potential future decks. Indeed, unlike Glimmerpost, Cloudpost remains potentially playable alone.

List of commons cards authorized in Peasant and prohibited in Pauper:

List of commons cards authorized in Pauper and prohibited in Peasant :