Online Tournaments

Free Peasant Online Tournaments !

Online tournaments are organised on the free software Cockatrice  (Download Link).

Pour que chacun puisse participer en fonction de ses disponibilités, différents types de tournois sont organisés et il y a certainement une formule qui vous correspond :

How to participate ?

All informations about online tournaments and in particular about online swiss tournaments can be found on the Discord Peasant. Also on this discord, you can meet and discuss with your opponents in order to schedule your games.

Inscriptions to tournaments can be done directly on the google document you can find on the Inscription Page. You only need your cockatrice pseudo and your hash (cockatrice deck code) to subscribe. For more informations, please check : Rules of Online Tournament.

The online league and Peasant Masters

  The top decklist of each online tournament can be found on

The top 8 players of each year are qualify for the Peasant Masters.